Sunday, October 25, 2009

At least gonna post something...

So I haven't made bento in a whole week... I'm starting to miss it, but we didn't do a food shopping for last week so we ate out too much and didn't have leftovers all the time, so I never made anything. I feel somewhat depressed about it, and I totally lost track of my portions T_T About mid-week I was down to 185.5. and then by today I had gained back a bunch of weight, it was thoroughly depressing.

This week, I am determined to make bento most days. I don't have anything for tomorrow because Ryan didn't bring in his box from the car, but he has leftovers from eating out this weekend. And I'm not making myself anything because I'm only working from 12-3. Also, we plan to go to the gym, which will also help hopefully >.< So I've gone backwards and will make sure to honestly post my weight tomorrow when I post my next bento ^_^

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