Sunday, October 4, 2009

First Five Bento

So I'm going to have to work on this formatting business, but I'll get there eventually. I think I'm just going to do 5 pictures per post, and list what's in those bento. I'm going to do the full date, who it's for, and everything else with my current ones, but the old ones, I'll just list what's in them.

Bento #1
2 Onigiri with Garlic Shrimp Filling; 2 Hard-boiled eggs; Tomato; Peppers; Raisins; Lettuce Lining; Container of Soy Sauce

Bento #2
Cucumber Hearts; Apple Triangles/Hearts; Octodogs;Onigiri with Beef Stir-Fry thing filling; Gyoza with Pork/Veggies; Fried Rice; Peppers; Raisins

Bento #3
Hardboiled Egg; Apple Shapes; Onigiri with Beef Stir-Fry thing filling; Fried Rice; Cucumber Edges; Pepper Shapes; Gyoza; Octodog

Bento #4
Onigiri with Garlic Shrimp filling; Pepper Shapes; Apple Shapes; Cucumber Shapes; Raisins; Hard-boiled Egg; Extra Garlic Shrimp Mix

Bento #5
Roast Beef/Cheese/Pickle Rolls; Onigiri; Babybel; Grape Tomatoes; Lettuce; Peppers; Cucumber Shapes

Bento #6
Roast Beef/Cheese/Pickle Rolls; Onigiri; Lettuce; Babybel; Cucumber; Plum; Dried Apricots

Bento #7
Roast Beef/Pickle Rolls; Onigiri; Grape Tomatoes; Lettuce; Cucumber Shapes; Peppers

This was like my first week of bento, I was so excited... It took me hours or so for all of these. But I was usually making multiples, and I enjoyed making multiples. I also was making stuff from scratch rather than just using leftovers or whatever. My family loved them ^_^

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