Sunday, October 4, 2009

Second to last Catch-up ^_^

Some of these involve things I've learned to cook ^^ I'm really excited about most of these new cooking experiences, like mini quiches!

Bento #28
Salad (Lettuce, Tomato); Creamy Italian Dressing in the container; Turkey/Cheese/Mayo/Tomato/Tortilla Roll-ups; Kiwi Gummy; Potato Salad

Bento #30
"Caprese" Salad (Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil Oil); Spinach; Pizza Bites; Sesame Chicken Bites; Mini Quiches (Cheese, Ham, Spinach)

Bento #31
Baked Breaded Chicken (I made it!!!); Bear of Soy Sauce; Broccoli; Chocolate Pudding; Rice; Kiwi Gummies; Strawberry Gummy

Bento #32
Leftover Mei Fun; Pinapple; Sweet Potato and Broccoli Tempura; Tempura Sauce

Bento #33
Leftover Nabeyaki Soba; Shrimp/Fishcake/Zucchini Tempura; Pokemon Gummies; Apple Bottle of Tempura Sauce

Bento #34
Onigiri; Red Pepper Hearts/bits; Steak/Peppers/Stir Fry/Mushroom Stir Fry; Bear of Soy Sauce

That last one was for my fiancee! And he even let my cute-ify it ^^ I couldn't have been more excited!!!

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