Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A failed wrap attempt T_T

So this is my bento for today T_T I'm only using the artsy picture of it because it came out so ugly. It all tasted really good, but I made a wrap today and when I cut it, it just completely fell apart. On to the contents.

14 October 2009 (43)
My bento

Top Tier: Nectarine Pieces
Bottom Tier: Cucumber; Wheat Wrap with Tomato, Cucumber, Kewpie Mayo, Salami, Provolone Cheese

So the Kewpie Mayo was completely different from American mayo. I knew it was different, but I never realized that it was SO different. It was still delicious, I was just surprised. I just wish my wrap had cut better, rather than falling apart >.<

And last but not least! I said I'd post weight loss (or gain T_T) Thankfully this week, it's LOSS!!! YAY!!! I'm at 195.5 lbs now ^_^ I'm down from slightly over 200, so that's like 5 lbs lost this week! Work is good for me!!!

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