Sunday, October 4, 2009

Almost caught up!

These are finally catching up to the present ^^ I made most of these for my fiancee! He usually enjoys them... Most of them are just leftovers in boxes. I try my best to make them look nice, but a lot of the time I fail at it. That's why there's a big skip between numbers for a while. Some just weren't photo-worthy

Bento #19
Rice; Curry; Pineapple; Chex Mix

Bento #23
Rice; Pineapple (in a heart cup ^^); Apple Bottle of Soy Sauce; Kiwi Gummy; Tomato; Carrot; Turkey/Cheese Rolls; Chex Mix

Bento #24
Rice; Steak/Pea Pod/Peppers/Onion Stir Fry; Pineapple; Strawberry Gummy; Apple Bottle of Soy Sauce

Bento #25
Past with Sauce; Sausage/Broccoli/Onion/Spring Onion Stir Fry thing

Bento #27
Mandarin Oranges; 2 Hardboiled Eggs (one is bunny shaped ^^ sort of ><); Rice with Soy Sauce and Cheese Decoration

It's nice to only be making bento for two people now. It's much more manageable ^^ Though I miss being as creative and having as many things to do ^^ It's also easier to get through the food I buy for bento when I'm making lots of bento every day.

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