Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gym day was a total failure

So I didn't make any bento for today, but that was lucky because my housemates took me to Panda Garden and it was DELICIOUS!!! I did my best to not eat a ton... We'll know how I did in the morning.

What really messed up my day was the title of this post. I have a membership with Planet Fitness, but I just moved to Maine so I need to transfer it. Apparently, I have to transfer it online, I can't do it in the gym itself, which sucks. So, we drove 15 minutes each way to be turned away at the door. Seriously?! So I hopefully can take care of that and start going next week...

Hopefully >.<

Bento #38 (Ryan's)
Top Tier: Sauce and Chicken Sausage; Red Pepper Stars; Pineapple
Bottom Tier: Pasta with Sauce and Chicken Sausage

The sausage were totally delicious, they were chicken with peppers. I really love chicken sausage. Especially chicken and apple, SO good!

Bento #39 (mine)
Top Tier: Tuna Salad (with as little mayo as I could to get it mixed in); Peaches; Teddy Grahams
Bottom Tier: "Pan-Fried" Ramen in soy sauce; Cheese Butterflies

I really wish I had some veggies in here >.< I'll make sure to be buying some salad or something to be throwing in next week for every day. But this should be good. I was hoping to have pasta and sauce with sausage, but Ryan threw out the little bit of pasta I saved for myself, how sad :( But this is my first attempt pan-frying noodles of any sort... It looked and smelled good!

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