Monday, October 12, 2009

40-42 Don't Panic (I wish)

I'm going to start today's post with my gorgeous "artsy" photo of the bento I ate today!!! I was really proud of this, since I'm not much of a photographer. It looks yummy and good.

I still haven't gotten to the gym because I've suddenly got tons of hours at work (which is a good thing definitely). But my membership is now transferred so I can start going when Ryan and I have time to go together ^_^

Now onto the actual bento. I have three: today's and two for tomorrow!

12 October 2009 (40)
My Bento
This is the full view of the bento above.
Top Tier: Mushroom Rice; Grapes
Bottom Tier: Tonkatsu; Cucumbers; Apple Bottle of Soy Sauce
Sidecar: Field Greens; Watermelon Mayo Cup of Creamy Italian Dressing

Apple Juice and Water to drink while at work

13 October 2009 (41)
Ryan's Bento
Top Tier: Two Heart-Shaped Onigiri; Grapes
Bottom Tier: Baked Breaded Chicken; Cucumber; Bed of Field Greens
Sidecar: Tomato; I later added his usual Bear of Soy Sauce

13 October 2009 (42)
My Bento
Top Tier: 2 Heart-Shaped Onigiri; Grapes; Apple Bottle of Soy Sauce
Bottom Tier: Tonkatsu; Tomato
Sidecar: Field Greens; Tomato; Cucumber; Penguin of Creamy Italian Dressing

I didn't realize I was at bento #42 until I was numbering these on my computer tonight. I was really sad I hadn't thought to do a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy bento, that would have been awesome. But I don't do a lot of theme bento due to lack of time and various foods. Oh well, I'll do something exciting some other time ^_^

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