Sunday, October 4, 2009

Beginning of my bento/healthy journey

This is the beginning of my beginning as I've now decided to be healthier. I'm going to pack myself bento everyday, even if I don't need one. This way I eat healthier and keep on top of that for weight loss. I also want to get to the gym every day, but Ryan and I at least plan to go 3 days a week together.

Bento #37 (I always label Ryan's before mine and this keeps my numbering in order everywhere)
A tiny bit of Ryan's Leftover Pineapple Curry; Leftover Broccoli/Mushroom Stir Fry stuff; Tuna Rice; Cute Bottle of Soy Sauce

Bento #36
3 Thai Dumplings; Rice; Pineapple Curry; Pineapple in the Sidecar

I'm gonna weigh myself in the morning to start keeping track of that. Here's hoping my journey goes well ^^

Edit: So I weighed myself this morning 5 October 2009. I weighed 199.3 lbs. From here on I'm going to try and get below that and continue losing weight. Almost 200 lbs is not a number I'm happy with >.< But I can fix it, and I will!

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