Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sort of a new beginning

I had another blog over on livejournal, mostly so I could post on Bento Lunches. But I've been really bad at keeping up the actual journal and I really want to get better at keeping track of my bento and my attempts at getting my life in order. This includes bentoing regularly, going to the gym, eating healthier, and staying healthy in every way.

I have made 34 bento thus far (which I will probably post in a REALLY long picture heavy post after this). I post all of these on facebook, in the group I created: Bento.

I am 21, and I was a sophomore in college last year. This year, life has turned my on my head and I'm no longer in school. Since I got to college, I gained a ton of weight, which never really phased me because I always believed I was fat even in high school. Then, this summer I was looking at pictures of me from high school, and I discovered I was a really reasonable weight and had looked great. Evidently, I was a terrible judge of myself.

My main point in that little bit is that I am going to put myself in better order. Treat myself the way I deserve to be treated, being healthy and loving me for myself. Bento is just one step towards that goal. Since I left college last May, I've lost about 20 lbs, and I'm wavering around 200 lbs, a sorry weight I wish wasn't true >.< But I am absolutely determined to get healthier.

Now, I was really inspired by a few people to start doing this. A few of them just due beautiful bento, some are trying to lose weight or just be healthier and their journey have really kicked my butt into gear. I just wanted to list and thank them here (on the off chance anyone stumbles on this blog and actually decides to read it :P)

Not Exactly Bento (Jenn is practically my hero!)
Adventures in Bentomaking
All My Bento Are Belong to Me (aka Feisty Bento)

Those are my main inspirations, and I know tons of other people enjoy their blogs as well ^_^

I think that's it for now, and in the future there will be at least one bento per post (sometimes for me, sometimes for my fiancee, Ryan). I might add in what my current weight is once a week, as a way to keep my butt in gear, but also just so I'm really keeping track. Otherwise it'll be mostly bento and gym and life in general.

All this comes together to be Bento and a Bit More ^_^

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