Sunday, October 25, 2009

At least gonna post something...

So I haven't made bento in a whole week... I'm starting to miss it, but we didn't do a food shopping for last week so we ate out too much and didn't have leftovers all the time, so I never made anything. I feel somewhat depressed about it, and I totally lost track of my portions T_T About mid-week I was down to 185.5. and then by today I had gained back a bunch of weight, it was thoroughly depressing.

This week, I am determined to make bento most days. I don't have anything for tomorrow because Ryan didn't bring in his box from the car, but he has leftovers from eating out this weekend. And I'm not making myself anything because I'm only working from 12-3. Also, we plan to go to the gym, which will also help hopefully >.< So I've gone backwards and will make sure to honestly post my weight tomorrow when I post my next bento ^_^

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No bento in this post

So I know this is entirely not a bento, but I figured I'd post in general. I've been bad and not made any bento in a few days. But, it's partially due to my work schedule and partially due to just going out for food so no convenient leftovers for bento.

But since I should keep posting anyways, I figured I'd update that with my non-bento lunches I've still been keeping my proportions reasonable. I'm down to 190.5 lbs ^_^ It's a good thing bento has trained me into understanding I don't need quite so much in a meal.

So to keep everyone's bento desires filled (if you just miss bento :P and find or read this), enjoy this site (despite it being in Japanese :P) e-obento

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quick Link

I'm just posting a short post today to tell anyone who stumbles upon my blog that they should head over to Jenn's blog Not Exactly Bento for the October Giveaway!!!

Good luck!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A failed wrap attempt T_T

So this is my bento for today T_T I'm only using the artsy picture of it because it came out so ugly. It all tasted really good, but I made a wrap today and when I cut it, it just completely fell apart. On to the contents.

14 October 2009 (43)
My bento

Top Tier: Nectarine Pieces
Bottom Tier: Cucumber; Wheat Wrap with Tomato, Cucumber, Kewpie Mayo, Salami, Provolone Cheese

So the Kewpie Mayo was completely different from American mayo. I knew it was different, but I never realized that it was SO different. It was still delicious, I was just surprised. I just wish my wrap had cut better, rather than falling apart >.<

And last but not least! I said I'd post weight loss (or gain T_T) Thankfully this week, it's LOSS!!! YAY!!! I'm at 195.5 lbs now ^_^ I'm down from slightly over 200, so that's like 5 lbs lost this week! Work is good for me!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

40-42 Don't Panic (I wish)

I'm going to start today's post with my gorgeous "artsy" photo of the bento I ate today!!! I was really proud of this, since I'm not much of a photographer. It looks yummy and good.

I still haven't gotten to the gym because I've suddenly got tons of hours at work (which is a good thing definitely). But my membership is now transferred so I can start going when Ryan and I have time to go together ^_^

Now onto the actual bento. I have three: today's and two for tomorrow!

12 October 2009 (40)
My Bento
This is the full view of the bento above.
Top Tier: Mushroom Rice; Grapes
Bottom Tier: Tonkatsu; Cucumbers; Apple Bottle of Soy Sauce
Sidecar: Field Greens; Watermelon Mayo Cup of Creamy Italian Dressing

Apple Juice and Water to drink while at work

13 October 2009 (41)
Ryan's Bento
Top Tier: Two Heart-Shaped Onigiri; Grapes
Bottom Tier: Baked Breaded Chicken; Cucumber; Bed of Field Greens
Sidecar: Tomato; I later added his usual Bear of Soy Sauce

13 October 2009 (42)
My Bento
Top Tier: 2 Heart-Shaped Onigiri; Grapes; Apple Bottle of Soy Sauce
Bottom Tier: Tonkatsu; Tomato
Sidecar: Field Greens; Tomato; Cucumber; Penguin of Creamy Italian Dressing

I didn't realize I was at bento #42 until I was numbering these on my computer tonight. I was really sad I hadn't thought to do a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy bento, that would have been awesome. But I don't do a lot of theme bento due to lack of time and various foods. Oh well, I'll do something exciting some other time ^_^

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gym day was a total failure

So I didn't make any bento for today, but that was lucky because my housemates took me to Panda Garden and it was DELICIOUS!!! I did my best to not eat a ton... We'll know how I did in the morning.

What really messed up my day was the title of this post. I have a membership with Planet Fitness, but I just moved to Maine so I need to transfer it. Apparently, I have to transfer it online, I can't do it in the gym itself, which sucks. So, we drove 15 minutes each way to be turned away at the door. Seriously?! So I hopefully can take care of that and start going next week...

Hopefully >.<

Bento #38 (Ryan's)
Top Tier: Sauce and Chicken Sausage; Red Pepper Stars; Pineapple
Bottom Tier: Pasta with Sauce and Chicken Sausage

The sausage were totally delicious, they were chicken with peppers. I really love chicken sausage. Especially chicken and apple, SO good!

Bento #39 (mine)
Top Tier: Tuna Salad (with as little mayo as I could to get it mixed in); Peaches; Teddy Grahams
Bottom Tier: "Pan-Fried" Ramen in soy sauce; Cheese Butterflies

I really wish I had some veggies in here >.< I'll make sure to be buying some salad or something to be throwing in next week for every day. But this should be good. I was hoping to have pasta and sauce with sausage, but Ryan threw out the little bit of pasta I saved for myself, how sad :( But this is my first attempt pan-frying noodles of any sort... It looked and smelled good!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Beginning of my bento/healthy journey

This is the beginning of my beginning as I've now decided to be healthier. I'm going to pack myself bento everyday, even if I don't need one. This way I eat healthier and keep on top of that for weight loss. I also want to get to the gym every day, but Ryan and I at least plan to go 3 days a week together.

Bento #37 (I always label Ryan's before mine and this keeps my numbering in order everywhere)
A tiny bit of Ryan's Leftover Pineapple Curry; Leftover Broccoli/Mushroom Stir Fry stuff; Tuna Rice; Cute Bottle of Soy Sauce

Bento #36
3 Thai Dumplings; Rice; Pineapple Curry; Pineapple in the Sidecar

I'm gonna weigh myself in the morning to start keeping track of that. Here's hoping my journey goes well ^^

Edit: So I weighed myself this morning 5 October 2009. I weighed 199.3 lbs. From here on I'm going to try and get below that and continue losing weight. Almost 200 lbs is not a number I'm happy with >.< But I can fix it, and I will!

Last Bento Before I'm caught up

This is my last back-logged bento ^^ Finally!!! I liked how this came out, and it was plenty filling despite how small it was!

Bento #35
Broccoli/Mushroom/Sesame Seed Stir Fry; 3 Strawberry Milk Candies; Tuna Onigiri; Cute Bottle of Soy Sauce

This was in my new Rilakumma Bento. I used it once before for the Nabeyaki Soba bento, but it's entirely ugly and grey looking with all the grey and tan colors in in, I was sad. But this time it came out way brighter!!! And even better, it came out DELICIOUS!!!

Second to last Catch-up ^_^

Some of these involve things I've learned to cook ^^ I'm really excited about most of these new cooking experiences, like mini quiches!

Bento #28
Salad (Lettuce, Tomato); Creamy Italian Dressing in the container; Turkey/Cheese/Mayo/Tomato/Tortilla Roll-ups; Kiwi Gummy; Potato Salad

Bento #30
"Caprese" Salad (Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil Oil); Spinach; Pizza Bites; Sesame Chicken Bites; Mini Quiches (Cheese, Ham, Spinach)

Bento #31
Baked Breaded Chicken (I made it!!!); Bear of Soy Sauce; Broccoli; Chocolate Pudding; Rice; Kiwi Gummies; Strawberry Gummy

Bento #32
Leftover Mei Fun; Pinapple; Sweet Potato and Broccoli Tempura; Tempura Sauce

Bento #33
Leftover Nabeyaki Soba; Shrimp/Fishcake/Zucchini Tempura; Pokemon Gummies; Apple Bottle of Tempura Sauce

Bento #34
Onigiri; Red Pepper Hearts/bits; Steak/Peppers/Stir Fry/Mushroom Stir Fry; Bear of Soy Sauce

That last one was for my fiancee! And he even let my cute-ify it ^^ I couldn't have been more excited!!!

Almost caught up!

These are finally catching up to the present ^^ I made most of these for my fiancee! He usually enjoys them... Most of them are just leftovers in boxes. I try my best to make them look nice, but a lot of the time I fail at it. That's why there's a big skip between numbers for a while. Some just weren't photo-worthy

Bento #19
Rice; Curry; Pineapple; Chex Mix

Bento #23
Rice; Pineapple (in a heart cup ^^); Apple Bottle of Soy Sauce; Kiwi Gummy; Tomato; Carrot; Turkey/Cheese Rolls; Chex Mix

Bento #24
Rice; Steak/Pea Pod/Peppers/Onion Stir Fry; Pineapple; Strawberry Gummy; Apple Bottle of Soy Sauce

Bento #25
Past with Sauce; Sausage/Broccoli/Onion/Spring Onion Stir Fry thing

Bento #27
Mandarin Oranges; 2 Hardboiled Eggs (one is bunny shaped ^^ sort of ><); Rice with Soy Sauce and Cheese Decoration

It's nice to only be making bento for two people now. It's much more manageable ^^ Though I miss being as creative and having as many things to do ^^ It's also easier to get through the food I buy for bento when I'm making lots of bento every day.

Yet another catch-up post

Here is yet another round-up of bento I've done in the past. Still mostly for my family (mum, dad, brother), but I really like them ^_^

Bento #13
Pita Sandwiches with Chicken, Spinach, Tomato?, and Mayo (I think ><;); Carrots; Babybel; Apple Shapes (that is TOTALLY a giraffe ^^); Onigiri

Bento #14
Onigiri; Apple Shapes; Lettuce; Grape Tomatoes; Pita Sandwiches with Chicken, Spinach and Hummus (I think ><;)

Bento #15
Fried Rice; Pineapple; Mini Hershey's Dark Chocolate Bar; Cucumber; Babybel

Bento #16
Fried Rice; Grape Tomatoes; Babybel; Mini Krackel; Plum; Pineapple

Bento #17
Onigiri with Lobster Filling; Grape Tomatoes; Babybel; Pineapple; Mini Hershey Bar; Pita Sandwich of Lobster, Spinach, and Mayo; Peppers

I was really proud of how well I'd done when I had gotten to this point ^^ I was doing 2-4 bento a day ^^; I went from zero bento to almost 20 in about a week and a half. It was exciting!!!

Second Set of Bento

Here are the second set of bento pictures ^_^

Bento #8 This one was actually for ME!!! ^_^
Cucumer Shapes; Grape Tomatoes; Plum; Gyoza; Rice with Nori Decorations

Bento #9
Octodogs; Rice; Veggie Stir-Fry; Plum; Dried Apricots

Bento #10
Rice; Veggie Stir Fry; Bunny-Dogs; Plum; Dried Apricots; Container of IDK >.<;

Bento #11
Onigiri with tuna filling? maybe salmon...; Lettuce; Grape Tomato Filler; Cucumber Hearts; Salmon (I think); Veggie Stir-Fry; Dried Apricots

Bento #12
Ham/Pickle Rolls; Ham/Turkey Rolls; Tomato; Apple Shapes; Dried Apricots; Rice

I'm not sure what else was in here... This was my brother's for Soulfest... So it was packed full for energy, but I completely forget what's in here now >.>;

I hope anyone reading is enjoying my first attempts at bento still ^_^

First Five Bento

So I'm going to have to work on this formatting business, but I'll get there eventually. I think I'm just going to do 5 pictures per post, and list what's in those bento. I'm going to do the full date, who it's for, and everything else with my current ones, but the old ones, I'll just list what's in them.

Bento #1
2 Onigiri with Garlic Shrimp Filling; 2 Hard-boiled eggs; Tomato; Peppers; Raisins; Lettuce Lining; Container of Soy Sauce

Bento #2
Cucumber Hearts; Apple Triangles/Hearts; Octodogs;Onigiri with Beef Stir-Fry thing filling; Gyoza with Pork/Veggies; Fried Rice; Peppers; Raisins

Bento #3
Hardboiled Egg; Apple Shapes; Onigiri with Beef Stir-Fry thing filling; Fried Rice; Cucumber Edges; Pepper Shapes; Gyoza; Octodog

Bento #4
Onigiri with Garlic Shrimp filling; Pepper Shapes; Apple Shapes; Cucumber Shapes; Raisins; Hard-boiled Egg; Extra Garlic Shrimp Mix

Bento #5
Roast Beef/Cheese/Pickle Rolls; Onigiri; Babybel; Grape Tomatoes; Lettuce; Peppers; Cucumber Shapes

Bento #6
Roast Beef/Cheese/Pickle Rolls; Onigiri; Lettuce; Babybel; Cucumber; Plum; Dried Apricots

Bento #7
Roast Beef/Pickle Rolls; Onigiri; Grape Tomatoes; Lettuce; Cucumber Shapes; Peppers

This was like my first week of bento, I was so excited... It took me hours or so for all of these. But I was usually making multiples, and I enjoyed making multiples. I also was making stuff from scratch rather than just using leftovers or whatever. My family loved them ^_^

Sort of a new beginning

I had another blog over on livejournal, mostly so I could post on Bento Lunches. But I've been really bad at keeping up the actual journal and I really want to get better at keeping track of my bento and my attempts at getting my life in order. This includes bentoing regularly, going to the gym, eating healthier, and staying healthy in every way.

I have made 34 bento thus far (which I will probably post in a REALLY long picture heavy post after this). I post all of these on facebook, in the group I created: Bento.

I am 21, and I was a sophomore in college last year. This year, life has turned my on my head and I'm no longer in school. Since I got to college, I gained a ton of weight, which never really phased me because I always believed I was fat even in high school. Then, this summer I was looking at pictures of me from high school, and I discovered I was a really reasonable weight and had looked great. Evidently, I was a terrible judge of myself.

My main point in that little bit is that I am going to put myself in better order. Treat myself the way I deserve to be treated, being healthy and loving me for myself. Bento is just one step towards that goal. Since I left college last May, I've lost about 20 lbs, and I'm wavering around 200 lbs, a sorry weight I wish wasn't true >.< But I am absolutely determined to get healthier.

Now, I was really inspired by a few people to start doing this. A few of them just due beautiful bento, some are trying to lose weight or just be healthier and their journey have really kicked my butt into gear. I just wanted to list and thank them here (on the off chance anyone stumbles on this blog and actually decides to read it :P)

Not Exactly Bento (Jenn is practically my hero!)
Adventures in Bentomaking
All My Bento Are Belong to Me (aka Feisty Bento)

Those are my main inspirations, and I know tons of other people enjoy their blogs as well ^_^

I think that's it for now, and in the future there will be at least one bento per post (sometimes for me, sometimes for my fiancee, Ryan). I might add in what my current weight is once a week, as a way to keep my butt in gear, but also just so I'm really keeping track. Otherwise it'll be mostly bento and gym and life in general.

All this comes together to be Bento and a Bit More ^_^