Monday, June 4, 2012

Koala Bento as Requested by a Fellow JET Hopeful ^_^

So, I spend a lot of time chatting about JET. My other blog is about JET and I am fairly active on the official forums in preparation for the next application. One of my biggest Japanese related hobbies is bento (obviously :P) and one of the other JET hopefuls asked for a koala bento. So, here it is.

 Koala Bento (87 I think)
Shrimp Salad Onigiri
Ham Flowers
Shrimp w/mayo, salt & pepper
Soy sauce
Lettuce Liner
Cheese Koala
So, I don't do a lot of charaben, making this a challenge. So it's pretty sparse and the photo is once more from my phone and poorly lit kitchen. Not the most beautiful, but absolutely delicious ^_^ And you can't really see it but the koala has little leafs sticking out of his mouth. But, I still made a bento XD

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