Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Posting Because I Should

So, I did make a bento yesterday and last Monday, but they were ugly and rushed and boring, so I never took a picture. Anyways, I was looking through all my posts and I realized that I suck at life. I had done so well losing a bunch of weight and now I've blown it. The point of this blog was to keep me honest and trying my best. So, I need to get back to my embarrassing honesty.

I don't want anyone to read this, but I need to post it anyways and hope that no one bothers to read my blog. A short prelude to my embarrassing admittance of weight: I had lost a bunch of weight that I had regained since I posted in my blog ages ago. I had gotten down to 185 without forcing myself or anything. I was enjoying my diet and I was enjoying my weight loss. Then I picked up my wedding dress and it was probably an inch and a half or two inches too big, but I lacked the time to have it sent back and a new size sent.. 1-2 inches is between 10 and 20 pounds... This was seriously depressing... So, I had to stop losing weight and even gain some back because I am not rich enough for the other options. In the end, I gained it back (and my wedding dress was awesome), but then I gained more. I had a meal plan at school and needed to not lose that money, but school food is terrible. So I'm going to bury the depressing number right here and keep talking and hopefully you won't notice. I ended up at 225 on the worst day I weighed myself. This morning I am at 218. I am making more bento and trying to eat healthier, so I am losing weight, but it's hard. Ryan and I should be moving out now that I am a college graduate. We are moving back up to Maine and having our own apartment should help me have better control on what both of us are eating.

Anyways, I have no pictures, but I will give a short description of my two bento.

5/7/12 (85)
My Bento
Smoked Barbecue Chicken Leg (perfect <3 oishii)
Shelled Edemame (more fun in the shell, definitely)
2 Hard-Boiled Eggs with Kewpie Mayo on top
Steamed Broccoli

5/14/12 (86)
My Bento
Shelled Edamame (I seriously need to finish these off)
2 Hard Boiled Eggs
Cheese Stick
Salami Rolls

The list of things in my bento display how unphotogenic and boring my bento were. But, they were bento, they were delicious, and they kept me full. So, yeah... That's where I'm at.

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