Monday, January 25, 2010

Yet Another Couple Days of Consistent Bentoing

Somehow I keep getting my photos in the wrong order, but I'm trying to at least number and date them correctly despite my editing abilities lacking something >.<

25 January 2010 (55)

Top Tier:
1/2 Cup Rice
4 Meatballs

Bottom Tier:
Bean Sprouts with Soy Sauce and Mirin
Strawberry Milk Candies from Japan ^_^

24 January 2010 (54)

2 Onigiri with Sukiyaki Furikake
2 Meatballs
Piggy of Soy Sauce
Bean Sprouts with Soy Sauce and Mirin

So I have a couple things to report: Once again, I have failed to weigh myself so I'm not sure where I'm at... I promise I'll do it tomorrow... Probably... Also, never leave your bag of bean sprouts unsealed for even a single day! I was so sad to discover this morning that my bean sprouts were turning kind of brown and splotchy and they smelled slightly funky... I pulled out some of the less scary ones, and cooked them hoping it was salvageable... But as lunch rolled around, lo and behold, my bean sprouts were too weird and scary to eat T_T But now I know to never let it happen again, and my family has been told that if I forget to put my bean sprouts away they need to be wrapped tight and tossed in the fridge.

Tomorrow there won't be a bento, unless I make one for my mom. She really wants one, since I let her try one of the dumplings I made from scratch ^_^ I'm thinking that I might go out for sushi or something... Or I'll be poor and eat at home because it's what I can afford realistically. Tomorrow I will also have to deal with my new morning problems: I was getting a ride to Salem for school with a friend, but she is now living on campus, thus no ride for me. So I can either catch the train, or drive myself... Neither are as great as carpooling, unfortunately, but it's better for her to be on campus, so I'll work it out.... And be completely jealous of her schooliness.

Okay, so this is getting long and ridiculous I know, I promise this is the last thing. I was really involved in a lot of stuff at MCLA, where I used to go to college, and I loved it. But now I live off campus, by about 40 minutes. 40 minutes is a lot of commuting for getting involved with community stuff at school, especially when you are already there for 8 or 9 hours every time you're there. I only have class Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so trying to add more to that and my 20+ hour work week may very well do me in. But, I feel completely disconnected from the school. Sure, I show up, I take classes, but that's all it is: I take classes there, but I'm not a part of the college. Oh well, such is life.

If anyone actually bothered to read all of my ranting and raving and whatnot, thank you, and I apologize for being all over the place!

Until next bento, happy eating ^_^

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